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Your Contribution May be Tax Deductible

You may be able to obtain large tax refunds from the federal government each year by donating your duplicate coins and other items to The Numismatic Institute.

The United States Internal Revenue Service has ruled that contributions to this organization are tax-deductible as provided in the federal tax code, We can supply anyone with a copy of the official ruling at any time, For your own safety and protection it would be best to donate coins only to an organization that has secured such an official ruling from the United States Internal Revenue Service,

Federal tax refunds that- you obtain by donating your unwanted coins to The Institute can be used to help you buy better coins for your main collection, This is something that should not be overlooked because it can be an excellent way for a collector of coins to improve his collection year after year.

The material that we receive is used for various educational, research, and museum purposes in accordance with the United States Internal Revenue Service regulations,

By making charitable donations of this kind, it is possible to obtain substantial tax advantages. However, this should not be considered to be a tax “loophole”. The tax laws were intentionally written in tins manner by the federal Congress, in order to encourage the making of charitable gifts of property



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